Never Pay for a Hair Colour Again???

Look... we all know - times are tough! Money is tight, 'things' are just getting more and more expensive, and it's hard to find more money to pay for all the things we need and want.

There's rent and mortgages, schooling, food, electricity and water (hasn't that gone up!), rego, rates, wine, clothing, dinners, shoes, beer, petrol, credit card payments, Netflix and a whole lot more! You name it, we all gotta pay it... And most times there's just too much month left after all the money disappears!


So what do we do?

We scrimp and scrape and do without so that we can make it to the next week. A lot of things that we'd like to do or have or need are just not possible - simply because we don't have enough money.

Believe me... I know how hard it is!

And the one thing that can at least make us look like we're doing OK despite the hardship is... the way we look... in particular... the way our HAIR looks!

There's nothing worse than not being able to afford to get the 'greys' covered, or the regrowth done.

A shiny, healthy new hair colour can make us look... well... a MILLION BUCKS! And when you look good, you generally feel good, and isn't it great when people notice and comment on how great we look!! The compliments we get make us feel even better! And THAT can help shift our moods, our self-esteem and our motivations.

We generally feel more empowered, confident and proud of ourselves when we look great, and this helps reduce the stress, frustration and worry that we may otherwise be feeling.

But we all know that to look good it generally costs money, and when it comes to that, you basically get what you pay for.

When things aren't going 'swimmingly' it's not the time to put-off going to the salon, or decide to try-out a 'cheapo' salon where you basically get what you pay for (which, if it's cheap, you will invariably look the same - CHEAP! And it'll frustrate and disappointment you so much that you will have to pay MORE just to get it fixed by someone else anyway)... I know! I fix-up poor and average hairdo's done by poor and average hairdressers everyday!! So it ends up costing even MORE just to fix-up the cheap hairdo from another salon.

So I have a solution!!

And you're gonna LOVE this!!

Check this out...

How about EVERY time you refer a NEW colour client to us YOU receive $30 OFF your next service! That's 30 bucks off YOUR next hairdo!

And that's only if you refer 1 new colour client... what if you referred more???

Well, because every new colour client that you refer to us you get $30 OFF your next service, we're going to make it even BETTER for you! You see...


THAT'S RIGHT!! You can ACCUMULATE each $30 OFF that you get for each referral!!

That means that if you refer 5 new colour clients to us you get $150 OFF your next hairdo (5 clients X $30)!!

Refer 10 newbies and you accumulate $300 OFF your next service!!!

Refer 20 and you get $600!! and so on and so on!

Think about it...

If you referred only 1 new colour client a week YOU COULD GET A $180 HAIRDO FOR FREE EVERY 6 WEEKS!!!


Would that make you look DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS and feeling GREAT???

You betcha!!


We just want to give you EVERY CHANCE to look the best you can for as little as possible... and we know that this will help!!

So, why not start telling your friends, family and work colleagues about us, tell them to mention your name, and start accumulating MONEY OFF your next visit!!

You'll be doing the people you refer a favour by referring them to the Gold Coast's BEST & MOST EXPERIENCED hair salon- after all, we have over 35 years experience fixing poor & average hairdo's and other hairdressers mistakes - while allowing you to spend the money on other things that you would normally spend on your hair.

GET YOUR HAIR DONE FOR FREE by referring us to your friends, family and work colleagues NOW!!

After all, you have other things that you can spend that money on!! Like...


Call Us NOW on 07 5536 2001 or drop-in and...


Happy referring!!

See you next time!!

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