Our International Award-Winning Team

We have 35 years CONTINUOUS experience at the highest level in hairdressing. Our Master Colour Artists and Expert Cutters have helped define an industry.


It's clearly unfair to all the other salons.

How much experience does your current hairdresser have???

Hair Colour Cafe


At the end of the day - It's All About the Cut! If your cut isn't right then no matter what you do to your hair it won't matter - You are done!


That's why we put such a huge emphasis on getting your hair cut RIGHT for you! With 35 years experience and multiple awards we know a few things about hair cutting. It makes all the difference.




Hair Colour Cafe
Master Colour Artists


When we became the first Master Colour Artists in Australia a couple of decades ago we knew that this was going to be one aspect of hairdressing that was going to grow exponentially in the coming years! Sadly, the majority of salons in Australia, and around the world for that matter, fail to provide a consistent high quality hair colour service for their clients.  


We pride ourselves on our colour expertise, and are reknown for high quality colour correction. Don't gamble on hair colour with just anyone - come to us for the RIGHT colour service for you. 

Hair Colour Cafe
We Make you look Your Best


It is, afterall, ALL ABOUT YOU! We don't put-up with 2nd best, and neither should you. Don't go around with an average hair-do. You deserve to look your best, and we are expert at doing that. Come-in. Relax. And Let Us Do Our Job. You'll Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous!